Carry on regardless

On the eve of my little sister Maria’s wedding, I’ve been thinking about how easy it could be to be totally consumed by having a cancer diagnosis and the subsequent treatment. (My next post is on ‘The Big C’ and discusses the avalanche of info thrown at you for one) Don’t get me wrong I think about it. My current aches and pains are a reminder of the surgery and what might have been if picked up any later. But does that stop me living my life and having fun? Hell no! 😜. 

I guess a lot has to do with whether you’re glass half empty or glass half full – but even that can change if diagnosed. It can be the making or breaking of you as they say. As my friends and family will say I am by nature fairly laid back. This doesn’t mean I don’t care or have an opinion – quite the contrary. You just won’t find me bothered by mundane, trivial things. I feel like I have respectfully taken things so far in my stride. I’ve listened to the expert advise and I’ve been a proper teachers pet when it’s come to doing what Mr Turton says.

The reality is I will have the BRCA2 gene for the rest of my life. The double mastectomy has almost eradicated my risk of breast cancer and my other cancer risk is now the same as with the general population (you are also at risk of ovarian cancer with the BRCA gene over the age of 40 but more on that later!). I’ll still be monitored regularly in the future and I’m just grateful that this is an option under our amazing NHS.

So do I feel like a victim? Absolutely not. Has cancer changed me? So far apart from being more in touch with life’s changing colours – no.

Here’s some of the things I’ve also been up to in the past 6 weeks which doesn’t have anything to do with cancer. And before you ask “Am I trying to take my mind off things” no I’m not. This is my norm. Keep living and enjoying life. Why would you do anything else?

  • Hen doo in the Lincolnshire Wolds
  • Dad’s 80th Birthday celebration
  • Camping trips
  • Hot 8 gig
  • My Birthday night out
  • Archie’s birthday party
  • Holiday planning
  • Back to work 
  • House improvement planning
  • Gardening
  • Lots of day trips
  • Dancing. Always dancing 🤣

So good luck little sister (and David). May your days together be full of life and love and always find the funny in everything no matter how hard ❤️❤️

Liz Spice, 27th July 2017

3 Replies to “Carry on regardless”

  1. Thank you for your blog which I’ve stumbled across. I’ve just found out I have the BRAC2 gene inherited from my mum who died of ovarian cancer in December.

    I’m being referred for breast and gynaecology appointments.

    I was just wondering if you’re considering any options regarding the raised risks for ovarian?

    I made my mind up to have ALL surgery to reduce risks but now I’m shit scared and not coping very well. My friends and family all think I’m brave and I’m portraying that but on the inside I’m in bits 😦

    I’m 45 and hv a 7 year old girl so I know I must do this and reading your blog has helped 🙂


    1. Hi Jenni – I’m glad you like the blog and I’m so sorry to hear about your Mum. I had my ovarian apt before my breast cancer and I’m on their screening programme. I would have had my ovaries and tubes taken out at 40 but now that I’ve had cancer I’ll be having them out sooner once I’ve recovered from chemo. My sister is having hers out in October.

      It’s obviously your call and totally different in that you have lost your Mum. My eldest sister is 58 and has the gene and hasn’t had any cancer. So having the gene doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to get cancer. Saying that my experience so far has been quite incredible – the NHS have been amazing and I feel very lucky.

      Where abouts are you in the world? Xx


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