What’s your Life Story?

So we burried our beloved Dad last week. At the wake in front of all his nearest and dearest his Life Story was shared. My Mum (who is a great story teller btw) stood up in front of the crowd at the local con club and presented Dad’s Life Story from beginning to end. Using photos to entertain us as she went along. It was a great send-off and a brilliant way to celebrate Dad’s life.

It made me reflect on my own life so far and what parts would be worth noting (if any) in my own Life Story. I agree it’s a little cliche to start reflecting on such things given the events of late, but I think it’s also healthy. I think it also shouldn’t take a brush with cancer to give it a thought too. No?

Dad was an incredibly loyal person. He was committed for sure, whether working at Ferranti for 30 years, running the Failsworth Lads Club Team for 15 years, Secretary of the Oldham Amateur Football League for 25 years or with his charity work he did for the SVP for 15 years. Dad did much of the work not because he wanted any personal reward. No for me it was far more simple than that. He wanted to contribute and belong in some part to society. He also wanted to give back what he so loved for many years in his youth – playing football.

He of course loved a good chin-wag and it was very rare for him to go anywhere and not bump into someone he knew. It was staggering how many people he knew and this was before the days of social media. He received a little nod in the local newspaper too (before the paper sadly folded after 164 years) which he’d have loved:

Saying that Dad was self-admittedly RUBBISH at staying in touch with people who didn’t live in the immediate vicinity. It used to drive my Mum mad as she was the one who instigated catch ups etc. Saying that, it didn’t matter as people still remembered my Dad fondly regardless of how long it was since they last saw him! Hundreds of tributes from all over the world have come through to my Mum and us Siblings and it really has been humbling and reaffirming of Dad’s legacy. He left imprints on so many people he met throughout his life and you can’t ask for much more than that. He wasn’t obnoxious or rude. He didn’t want glory, fame, fortune. He just lived his life his way and tackled whatever obstacles life threw at him.  A lot of his life story wasn’t planned (6kids? πŸ€”) or thought through (Oldham supporter πŸ™„), but it was his and he owned it!

Unique. Infectious. Cheeky. Unassuming. Brave. Stubborn. Loving. Humble. Loyal. Kind. Playful. My Dad ❀️.

So I ask again. What will be written in your Life Story? Me? I have a few things up my sleeve πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜.

Liz Spice, 15th September 2017

4 Replies to “What’s your Life Story?”

  1. Hi Liz, what a lovely tribute to your dad. I have fond memories of him and of your family. It was an honour to have known him.

    Mum and dad are glad they came up to pay their respects.

    Abigail Holland xx


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